How I developed my most-famous self-project in just 3 hours!!!

How I developed my most-famous self-project in just 3 hours!!!

I am going to write about my journey to develop my most-famous self-project — MySpeed Application.

MySpeed Application

Here’s how I started writing code that night —

On a crazy night, I was being extra-innovative and mad for developing something cool. I was searching APIs to use and create something awesome and innovative out of them. Suddenly I thought about how the internet speed testing websites work and became curious in running internet speed tests via API. I started searching for Internet Speed Testing API. I found a couple of them but which were completely redundant.

Finally, I came across this one which made my night! SpeedOf.Me They are the only service providers which provide internet speed testing services without any adobe flash(completely HTML5). They had their API in JavaScript language only(which isn’t generally my stronger part). But I was fascinated enough by the API scope that I was compelled to develop a web-app surrounding the API.

I, actually started coding at 2:10 am, 31st July. Starting from the basic rest running script to the pre-final draft of the web-app that had just a couple of HTML elements(a couple of tables and some chunk of text).

What did I want to make—

By this time, I had entire idea of what I wanted to make. I wanted to develop an app that will let users run internet speed tests, find out their download & upload speeds and the most importantly — will tell them their global rank based on previous results.

What I ended up developing—

After coding continuously for about 3 hours – at 5:00 am, I was ready with the Beta version of the app. I thought a little about the name, and decided to name it MySpeed Application.

By that time, I was already running late. But I needed a lot of people to test the app that I had created just out of my curiosity. So, that was the time to act a little bit devil! I mailed the link with description of the application to the mail list of PicsMashup. Acting a little smarter, I scheduled the mails to go at 12:15 am — just to make sure it reach out to maximum people. But, all in vain! Not even a single person opened the email(except me of course). But, I knew it was the fault of the title that I chose for the email not the application itself. So, to attract people to validate the idea and test the beta application, I shared it with all of my social networks and sat back calmly to see results. The results were astonishing. I got more than 80 unique(IP) users within next 24 hours. Nonetheless, 400+ visitors!

Current Scenario—

Till the moment of writing this article, MySpeed Application has got more than 150+ unique testers and 1.5k+ visits on the web-app. I keep on improving it and adding new features to the app as much as I can get time from my super-tight schedule.

For feedback/suggestions/feature-requests, tweet me @sahildua2305#MySpeed


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