Glorious Success

It was Matric Examination Results (PSEB), 2009. One day before the announcement of results, in the early morning, my father asked-“beta kya hone waala hai kal?? merit list (Top 1%)  mein aa toh jaayega naa??“. I had no answer, just nodded with a silence. Mom & Dad then got to go to some relatives. My younger brother & me were alone at home.

In the afternoon, door-bell rang!! I opened the door, and what i saw was a completely unknown person to me, rushing happily into the house. Before I could ask him anything, he congratulated me introduced himself as a Press Reporter from daily newspaper Dainik Jagran” and asked me to ask my father to come. I had no idea whats going on. I told him that Mom & Dad werent at home. Seeing my totally confused face, he started speaking and thereby making me more & more confused!!

He said-“teri punjab mein first position aayi hai!!!!!” I was like “ye banda pagal ho gya h kya!! ya fir galat address pe aa gya hai!!”. I wasnt ready to believe what he was saying. But finally he convinced me that I was the person securing Rank#1 in Punjab. I was in a condition like “tum kon ho aur main kon hu aur kahaan huu main abhi 😛 “. Then he called my Dad to tell him the good news. He was overjoyed as expected. Mom-Dad headed to home as quickly as possible with just a little bit of sweets because even they were not confident about that news.

For the first time in my life, I felt that my parents were happy because of me. This made my success even more enjoyable and proudy one too 😉 . Then there was my first interview. After that it was like “one goes, other comes”. There were several interviews of mine & my parents.

Here are some pics of those wonderful moments when i was rewarded for my “glorious success”…….



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