2 Years Spent in Chandigarh- The City Beautiful

I am from Tanda Urmar, Punjab. After having my matric standard education in 2009 in a local school there, it was time to head towards IIT & AIEEE preparations. Due to some delay in decision regarding this, I began my competitive preparation at FIITJEE, Chandigarh centre in 2010. There I joined week-end program so as to keep my 12th studies at par with that of competitive study. I used to go to Chandigarh every Saturday early morning and then return on Sunday evening. Yeah, it was a very hectic and boring schedule.

But the only thing that was fascinating me during that time interval was Chandigarh City! Chandigarh’ Open Roads! Chandigarh’s Beauty! Chandigarh’s Open Minded People! Those OTDIs running endlessly on those open roads! That staring at attractive Girls! It was an endless Attraction!!! ❤ ❤ (still under its influence :P)

Coming to study part which was my aim behind coming Chandigarh- in earlier days I was not able to understand even a single thing that teachers used to narrate in the class. But it didnt take me much time to come into my own colors! In the meanwhile, I got some new friends as expected.

  • Bharat Bajaj- got selected in IIT with AIR 1073. Doing chemical engg. at IIT Delhi.
  • Ankit- got AIR 12000 in AIEEE. Doing CSE at NIT Kurukshetra
  • Hasil Sharma- got 308 in BITSAT. Doing chem. engg. at BITS Pilani.

And now its my turn to declare what did i get!!

Results didnt go in my favour!! I was thrown completely out of track!!

I didnt get selected for IIT. In AIEEE too, I was unable to justify my talent that had made me Punjab Board State Topper once in Matric Standard!

Then the biggest question was what to do now? The options available with me were- either to take admission in a low standard college or to put a break and prepare for IIT again!

And obviously the decision was very tough! Some of my Father’s friends advised him not to let me drop a year. Yes, It was risky- Infact very risky! But I was not in mood of joining the college that I deserved at that time. I got struck to my decision of preparing for IIT again!! And my father too agreed with me!! I joined AAKASH Institute, Chandigarh centre.

This was the turning point in my life. I had to go to Chandigarh again, but this time with some strong determination. I wanted to prove those relatives and my father’s friends wrong who had scolded them for the decision of Drop! There I started my preparations at the speed of light and decided to continue at the same pace throughout the year. Soon I was An Apple Of my teachers Eyes! In the meanwhile I got a few new friends- Mani, Sarbjeet, Dilsher, Mehak, Tamanna, Komal & some hostelers- Aakash, Manpreet, Aarush, Devan, Ishaan &  few more…..

Throughout the year, I studied and for the first time in my life enjoyed studying!! In hostel we had many occasional parties too. We had alot of fun & mastii meanwhile!!!

The whole year went well. Finally it was time of Exam- the long awaited moment! It was 8th April, 2012. But unfortunately it was not my day again! I made a lot of mistakes and after the exam I could easily find out that the only hope i had was AIEEE. Then i put even more efforts in its preparation. This time I made it!!!! Exam went enough good that i was able to see a clear future through thick forests!!

After results the value of a year dropped came out to be AIR IIT-5408 & AIR AIEEE 3128. It made my way clear to Punjab’s best engineering college- PEC, Chandigarh. But then I came to know about some more colleges that were in my easy reach with a brilliant rank in AIEEE including DTU, NIT Allahabad, NIT jaipur, IIIT heydrabad & NSIT. During this, I was offered Mining Engineering at IIT-BHU. I declined the offer! Then the only thing I had to do was to wait for the conselling results. I wanted to join a good college in Delhi. But my parents wanted me to join PEC. I remember exactly that it was 29th july 2012, when counselling results for PEC were announced. And I got CSE there. I went there acc. to parents wish and made registration and did other official formalities. But it was decided that if ever I get a chance to join DTU or NSIT, I would withdraw my admission at PEC. And luckily that day was 31th July 2012. Yes, just two days later my wish came true! then there was literally nothing more to think about. I packed my luggage, got my documents ready & headed to Delhi.

And here it comes, finally I was in My Dream City- DELHI….. btw i m still here. enough for now. will share further experiences later.


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