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‘WhatsApp For the Workplace’ Cotap Adds Universal Chat Feature Accessible Via URLs

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Cotap, the enterprise messaging app founded by ex-Yammer execs that bills itself as a ‘WhatsApp for the workplace’, has launched a new feature to expand the circle of people who use the app: it now lets others send messages to those users via a URL on Cotap.me, without having to download the app itself.

It comes on the heels of a desktop app launch for the product in October that used some of the same functionality for Cotap-using work colleagues to communicate with each other when they were not on their mobile devices but at computers. Today’s launch effectively lets anyone use the chat functionality of the app, by way of the custom URLs that individuals give out.

Adding a web component to the app means that those who are Cotap users for work can now share their Cotap IDs with other people — as they would, say, a Skype or…

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10 Ways to Make Python Go Faster

Originally posted on Get off the Table:

On the “Sphere Online Judge” competition site, there are hundreds of programming challenges which you can attempt to solve in any of 40+ different programming languages. You simply submit your code, and the online judge will execute the code in a controlled environment. If you’re program generates the correct output (answers the set problem) within a specified time limit, you get some points on the scoreboard.

Here’s the catch: The time limit is the same no matter what language you are using. This obviously puts interpreted languages like Python at a disadvantage, and often you need to squeeze every last ounce of speed from you algorithm. Many problems have never been solved in Python due to the time limit… it pays to check whether there have been any sucessful Python solutions submitted for a given problem before getting too frustrated trying to find a fast enough solution.

So without…

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Reddit CEO Yishan Wong On Giving Stock To Users: “We Have A Crazy Plan.”

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

One of the defining ironies of the social networking IPOs over the last decade is that the financial returns have been concentrated among so few when the value has been created by so many.

But current Reddit CEO Yishan Wong wants to change that.

When Wong served as an early director at Facebook for five years, crypto-currencies were around, but they weren’t as widely accepted or understood as they are today. He and Y Combinator head Sam Altman, who just personally led a $50 million round in the company announced today, want to use them as a tool to distribute shares in the company back to the millions of Reddit users, or Redditors, that log in every day. They’ve set aside 10 percent of the round announced today for that purpose.

“Everybody who has ever run the company has always wanted to give some ownership back to the community somehow,” Wong said.

He went on, “We have a crazy plan and what…

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15,000+ fake views on ChallengePost Project

Hey there!

I hope you enjoyed my previous posts in Technical Hacks category.

Starting with the project of the week – GitHub Profile Scraper. So, as I was done with my latest project GitHub Profile Scraper a few days ago, I decided to post it on ChallengePost. GitHub profile scraper basically, helps you to get details of someone’s GitHub profile and show the information in an elegant way!

As soon as I posted the project on ChallengePost, it really got kind of sudden attention from ChallengePost community and even the co-founder of ChallengePost liked my project and started following me. I was delighted by the immediate attention that I was getting for this (self-)project.

As said by the great men – “The more you get, the more you desire to have!”. Yes, I was not different in this sense. I started looking for more and more visitors to my project and more followers on ChallengePost.

Then an evil idea came in my mind! I thought of automating the project page views as I noticed that they count different page views from same IP address as different page views. This reminded me of how easily this is achievable using Python. So, I opened my weapons i.e. Python IDLE! :D

I wrote a simple python script within next 10 minutes and ran various versions(keeping time delays different) of it. The result was an increment of almost two thousand page views. My project was soon trending on top on ChallegePost. Soon after that, the co-founder Nealrs came to know about this(probably) and stopped liking the project. But I kept on running the script with increased frequency of the page visits. At a time I was sending almost 20 page requests every seconds. The only thing I was waiting for was a server crash, which didn’t eventually happen and page views on the project were soon 17,000+. Yes, an increase of almost 15,000 page views.

The best part was yet to come! Soon, the other co-founders of ChallengePost came to know about this and instead of taking any action against me or my project(I was actually expecting them to remove my project after this), one of the co-founders, Brandon Kessler (@bkessler) tweeted me something like this -

This absolutely made my day! Then, I replied back with a polite, humble tweet to assure that I will not continue that.

FYI, the project was trending on ChallengePost for almost 3 days, which is really a big thing. Today, it has more than 20,000 page views. ;)

You can view the project on ChallengePost here: GitHub Profile Scraper | ChallengePost

For feedback/suggestions/feature-requests, tweet me @sahildua2305 #FakeViews

DISCLAIMER: Since, I am making this trick public, ChallengePost staff may have problem with it. So, I am removing link to the script. It’s simple enough to write it yourself. ;)

30 Cool Webapps for Fun and Productivity

Originally posted on Quincentenary Library Blog:

Reblogged from the Judge Business School Library Blog.

Posted by cjbsinfo on 5/24/13 – Categorised as Blog Journal Posts,Free Information,Resource Spotlight,Social media

These are some of our favourite new-media tools for finding and organising information and presenting your work online. It is the list of tools that we presented at our ’30 New Webapps in 30 Minutes’ class on 24 May 2013.What are your personal favourites? Do you have other great apps to suggest? We’d love to hear from you.

Skylines Skylines is a real-time photo search engine that lets you   see what’s happening in the world right now. Skylines searches and indexes   over 5-million photos per day from places like Twitter and Instagram. You can   easily search for topics, places or people and display live searches on your   website using their easy-to-configure widget.
PhotoPin Photopin is a search engine…

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Five errors that immediately get your resume rejected at Google

Originally posted on Quartz:

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. Follow the author here

I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes over my career, applying for just about every kind of job. I’ve personally reviewed more than 20,000 resumes. And at Google we sometimes get more than 50,000 resumes in a single week.

I have seen a lot of resumes.

Some are brilliant, most are just ok, many are disasters. The toughest part is that for 15 years, I’ve continued to see the same mistakes made again and again by candidates, any one of which can eliminate them from consideration for a job. What’s most depressing is that I can tell from the resumes that many of these are good, even great, people. But in a fiercely competitive labor market, hiring managers don’t need to compromise on quality. All it takes is one small mistake and a manager will reject an otherwise interesting…

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